Candida Abrahamson

As a coach, mediator, and counselor since acquiring my Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1984, I have been helping adults and adolescents through the particular struggles of our time: tension between couples, parenting frustration, blending new families, separation and divorce, (un)employment, cancer, and loss. Many individuals coming from abusive relationships reassert self-control and regain self-esteem.

My voice of reason and moderation guides people in shifting from fear and hopelessness to problem-solving and respect. When relationships, whether personal or professional, come to an impasse, mediation techniques help to ensure that each party will have important needs heard and accounted for in a dignified way. In addition to talking, listening, and reframing, I employ metaphor, active teaching, role-playing, visualization, and occasionally hypnotherapy. My clients seek these services in my office and by Zoom, allowing a national and even international reach.

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