Explaining ‘CRS’ Disease in Bipolar and Schizophrenia

My father has a phenomenal memory. Truly out of this world. For example, he remembers the 10 best meals he ever ate (Meal #1: Zalacain in Madrid, 1971, he and my mother, Young Pigeon Salad with Apple Vinegar). About 15 years… Continue Reading


WHY Schizophrenics in Ibadan do better

So you might remember–and if you don’t, welcome to my world–a post I recently did called “Schizophrenic? Consider life in Ibadan.”  To save pursuing the link, I’ll tell you how it turned out.  Despite the fact that ‘developed’ countries have… Continue Reading


But they TOLD me I was Bipolar: It seems the twain CAN meet, Part II

Do you remember that I told you that bipolar disorder (BD) and schizophrenia have been considered completely different illnesses for. . .well, pretty much forever? Until researchers started getting a look at people’s brains? And then it seemed possible–just possible–that… Continue Reading


But they TOLD me I was Bipolar: It seems the twain CAN meet, Part I

Although there’s no reason to doubt that schizophrenia is as old as mankind, the name didn’t come into existence until 1910, when the Swiss psychiatrist Paul Eugen Bleuler termed the illness such, with the Greek words schizo (split) and phren (mind)… Continue Reading


Schizophrenic? Consider life in Ibadan

We’re not given choices over our suffering in life, but if I was given the option over where I would want be if I had to suffer from a mental illness, let’s just say that Kiribati would not be choice one.… Continue Reading


They say there’s no such thing as schizophrenia? We politely disagree.

On Monday, the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) is going public with their statement about mental illness (which is a wee bit confusing, as I already know what they’re going to say, and if I know it, it’s fair to say… Continue Reading


25 Years Early: The Possible Death Decree for the Seriously Mentally Ill

It has been ‘known’ in the way that you know things deep down, when you don’t really consciously want to know them, that seriously mentally ill people, on average, die younger than those without mental illness. But it was an ugly shock… Continue Reading



May 14 – May 20, 2012  is Schizophrenia Awareness Week (SAW) in Australia, kicking off Schizophrenia Awareness, sponsored by the Ministry of Mental Health, which will be followed up by the American SAW, May 20-26. While other illnesses get lets of ‘press time’ during the discussions… Continue Reading