Should I Stay or Should I Go?: High Conflict Marriages and Their Impact on Children #1

In the last five posts I addressed several different kinds of problem marriages, where often the basic underpinnings of the marriage are weak, and thus one or more partners often ends up asking if they should stay or go. Let… Continue Reading


How In the WORLD Could This Work?: The Possibilities of Mediation

Julie* came from a wealthy family–grew up with that proverbial silver spoon practically shoved down her throat. Were her parents thrilled when she met Jim,* who was in and out of jobs and who had never owned or rented his… Continue Reading


Low-Conflict vs. High-Conflict Divorce: Why Mediate?

You’d always wanted to go with your ex-husband to Hawaii–you asked year after year, but the answer was always the same. “Sorry, hon, there’s just not enough money for a trip like that. You know business is rough. Maybe next… Continue Reading


Low Conflict Marriages #3: Divorce and the Children

But let’s return to Maura, Mike and Matthew, from Low Conflict Marriages #1. The second unique thing about Maura’s decision to leave Mike was Matthew’s reaction. After that winning session where Maura announced she’d be leaving her husband, Maura felt… Continue Reading


High Conflict Marriages and Their Impact on Children #2–And the Research Says. . .

So Jordan continued to work hard to try not to see what was before his eyes. He would tell me that the mileage on Jesse’s car didn’t add up to what it should have if she had been where she… Continue Reading


Should I Stay or Should I Go?: A New Look at Divorce’s Impact on Children

We may all know a woman married to a guy who is, for lack of a better term, a total stinker. He’s negative, controlling, unreliable, thinks screaming is a wonderful way of communicating, and is not just un-nurturing to her,… Continue Reading


Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Low Conflict Marriages #1: Case History

But let’s say you’re not  in a high-conflict marriage, where research is telling you that getting out may be best for your children. What if your marriage doesn’t even look bad to others? Do you have the “right,” in your… Continue Reading


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?!” Remember that chorus? The English punk rock band The Clash became something of a one-hit wonder with their 1981 catchy “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” success. I can’t say you’re missing… Continue Reading