Don’t Go It Alone: Illness and Connectedness

I’m the only one in my family with a green thumb. I’ve got foster plants from almost every relative, which I’ve nursed back from the vegetative graveyard, and they’ve taken over my house. My husband is quite tolerant of it, given… Continue Reading


How To Deal With ‘Enquiring Minds’

Years ago there was an ad for this incredibly trashy magazine, “The National Enquirer.” It said, “Enquiring minds want to know,” and the camera would pan to an avid reader of the rag, who would look straight into the camera… Continue Reading


Forget the Ambien and Prozac–Just Put Away Your Cell Phone, Part II

Perhaps you’ll recall from our last post (with the same clever title as this, only a ‘Part I ‘ in place of ‘Part II,’ as these things go) the following: –>Young adults ages 20-24 are heavy information and communication technology (ICT)… Continue Reading


“Nobody Ever Died Of Laughter”: In Fact, Mr. Beerbohm, It Might Just Keep Them Alive

“A clown is like an aspirin, only he works twice as fast.” ~Groucho Marx In a family of total characters and would-be comedians, I can find it hard to hold my own in the humor department. When the rest of the… Continue Reading