The Mediations of the Rich and Famous

Pretend, for a moment, that you are a celebrity, with name well-recognized across the world. Got that? Ok, now pretend (and  this may be harder for some of us working stiffs) that your net worth is in the high-hundred millions (is anyone… Continue Reading


Looking For: A Little Good News, If I Can Remember It

You know what I like? A little good news. It doesn’t really seem like all that much to ask. You know, just not the constant drumbeat of gloom and doom. But apparently ever since T.S. Eliot had the brilliant insight… Continue Reading


Do I Disgust You? The Visual Missed Cues of Bi-Polar Patients

Did you ever get the feeling that someone didn’t like you? I mean–really, really didn’t like you, perhaps even saw you as beneath contempt? And–did you get that feeling before there was any interaction between you and the aforesaid person?… Continue Reading


But they TOLD me I was Bipolar: It seems the twain CAN meet, Part I

Although there’s no reason to doubt that schizophrenia is as old as mankind, the name didn’t come into existence until 1910, when the Swiss psychiatrist Paul Eugen Bleuler termed the illness such, with the Greek words schizo (split) and phren (mind)… Continue Reading


What does it take to get to be bipolar around here?

Health professionals have known about the problem of this time lag for years, and back in 1999 were asking in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, “Is bipolar disorder still underdiagnosed? Are antidepressants overutilized?”  The short answer is, ‘yup.’ That study… Continue Reading


Bipolar Disorder and Cognitive Impairment

There’s not a lot that makes you feel better about yourself than someone flat-out telling you you’re stupid. My doctor seems to think if he gives lots of reasons for my stupidity, excusing me for being a somewhat of an… Continue Reading


Third Time’s a Charm: Latuda Approved for Bipolar Depression

Having bipolar disorder isn’t exactly a kick. Now that it’s all the trend for famous people to have it, perhaps sufferers feel a bit better–but so often the names call up a manic hilarity. Think Jim Carey or Rowan Atkinson… Continue Reading


“Who You Gonna Call?”: Others’ Prayers Impact On Illness, Redux

My mother likes to compliment herself on her cooking. “That was truly delicious!” she’ll exclaim, her mouth still full of her last bite of a fancy beef stew. “And I was able to make it during such a hectic day.… Continue Reading


We’re Not All Stupid!: So What DO You Say or Do When Someone Tells You They’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer?

Well, I wrote a post about the importance of not saying stupid things when you hear your friend has cancer. And I received a bunch of e-mails in response to it, probably because a bunch of people were thinking [and I… Continue Reading


Flying–Then Crying: Life In The Bipolar Cycle

I mean, sure, if you asked me would I want to sleep only 3 hours a night without feeling tired, finish my first novel in 10 ten days, start training for a half Iron Man with no ill effects, and… Continue Reading