How to Embrace Your Inner Crazy. . . .

My mother is a woman of – how shall I say?–unusual tastes.

It came to the point in jewelry that nothing sold in stores could really satisfy her. So she, a woman of many talents, took to making her own. And her necklaces and bracelets are, well, unusual. Some, truly unique, have larger plastic airplanes hanging off the sides. Or, perhaps a better example is a simple thick silver chain, adorned by. . .well, you now can see it as well as I can. Shall we name it a fly and call it a day?

And that doesn’t even begin to cover the topic of clothing.

You know those patterned clothes in the store, say the skirts you might see with these bold patterns? Well, if you could order one of those, and put it together with a sweater, equally intriguing, but not in the slightest bit matching – you have an outfit set to make mom happy. And let’s say she wants to make it even better? There’s always her alligator belt, just to complete the ensemble.

I’m sure you’re beginning to wonder where I am going with all this.

Well, I’m here to tell you.

We get solicited several times a week by people who would like us to run their infographics on our blog. And, as you see, we often do. Usually we are in agreement about whether to run the solicited infographic – if it has to do with mental health, and offers something new or innovative in that area, we always agree to post it.

And in fact, we almost always agree the other way, too. One infographic – beautifully done – about the ins and outs of the NFL – interesting as it was, was nixed by both daughter and mother.

But today’s actually split down the middle when it came to a vote. I thought the look of it was rather, well, funky, somewhat busy, off-the-beaten-path, in fact a little agitating and disturbing.

In other words, right up Mom’s alley.

And since we know that mother is always right, who am I to argue with the infographics’ headline: “We’re all a little crazy”?

You know–we probably all are. Enjoy the infographic.

Embrace Your Inner Crazy
Source: BestPsychologyDegrees.com

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