The Psychology of Disappointment

If report cards and parent reports are to be believed, I’ve been a “hard worker” and “overachiever,” within a short time from exiting the womb. I think I sucked my thumb harder than most.

I share this fascinating piece of information with you so that you understand how lucky my lucky break really is. As a designated overachiever who also makes even little things hard, blog writing is quite the task.
Suffice it to say that what you see as a final blog post  comes after dozens and dozens of abstracts read, full articles chased down willy-nilly when the abstract speaks to me, articles perused and double – and triple – perused, with my specialty, highlighting in  five colors at once. Next comes sketching out the post  online with about 25 Safari tabs open at a time, working, and re–working, and printing, so I can have a hard copy – in case the highlighting urge strikes again.  Then comes the Big Edit, where I send the piece up–full of trepidation–to the blog’s rightful owner, for her serious redlining of  work I’m convinced is destined to be the most fascinating, engaging, innovative piece of writing online today. There is more to the back-and-forth, and the typing in of the corrections, and the proofread after proofread, but I think you have enough of the idea to realize the following…
Although I love the work I do for this blog, really adore it, the fact that two random people came out of the ethosphere this month and asked politely if we would consider putting their work on our blog for the day was touching, in that they saw our blog as a platform, a place to spread ideas.
But let’s be honest– it’s also 65 abstracts I got out of reading, 23 articles I didn’t need to color-code ,25 Safari tabs I wasn’t utilizing at once, one argument over a  brilliant piece of writing about to be karate-chopped we didn’t have,  and 6 copies my printer didn’t have to print so I could check the semicolons one last time….
All these times two.
For within the next week or two we have two excellent guest posts for you.
Enjoy them. Heaven only knows how much I will.
For today’s special we have: The psychology of disappointment.

The Psychology of Disappointment
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